Style Your Plain Outfit With Ugg Express Accessories

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Originally a footwear brand UGG has been in the industry for over 30 years. This go-to Aussie footwear brand has an accessory collection too in which they have many articles for winters and summers.

It gets too hot in Summer so accessorizing a look for a daytime outing has to be very practical and minimalistic, as a lot of layers can add to the heat of the sunny day. Here are a few accessories from UGG Express that will be perfect to style your plain summer outfits without adding a lot of layers.


Adding a scarf to your look is a clever choice. This multipurpose accessory can be worn in many styles. If you have planned your picnic on a beach on a sunny day then you can wear it as a head cover to protect your hair from the scorching sunlight. It can also be worn as a headband with a cute hairstyle or as a bandana or you can drape the scarf around your neck, the classic way. This will add life to your boring outfit ensuring bomb Insta clicks. if you like wearing scarfs or want to try it out this summer


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TARRAMARRA® Printed Square Rayon Silk Scarf  is available at UGG Express in 37 different patterns and colors so you can choose one according to your outfit for just $74.75

Thong Sandals

Wearing a thong sandal is a very laid-back cool style statement. It is great for a casual outing or a picnic. Thong sandals add a bohemian look to your outfit adding flavor to your plain dress, you can pair them with similar-style anklets or toe rings. They are also great if you want to look stylish while maintaining comfort with a comfortable footbed and deep heel especially when you have to walk a lot.


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AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD® UGG Summer Beach Thong Sandal Slides Beck is easy to wear with easy-to-adjust strap sandals. They are available in three basic colors that go with every outfit. You can get them from UGG Express for $100.00


If you’re a dress-up girl you would know the importance of a good pair of sunglasses for making your average look appear more bougie and high-maintenance. Sunglasses are a part of picnic essentials as you need your eyes to be protected from the sun. If you`re at a park or sunbathing at the beach, you can also put them on your head just for the aesthetics.


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UGG Express has the best pair of sunglasses from the brand TARRAMARRA and their quality is A-one, they are 100% UV-proof and very stylish. These Leopard Pattern Polarised Sunglasses are available only for $65.00.

Headband Foldable Cap

A colorful headband can add a pop of color to any outfit. You can wear a yellow or another bright color headband with a plain white shirt and blue jeans. This combination elevates any casual outfit to look chic. A two-in-one Headband Foldable Cap serves as a cute accessory as well as a cap to protect your face from dirt and sunlight. It is a great accessory to have when going for a picnic or any outdoor activity.


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TARRAMARRA® 2 in 1 Visor Reversible Wide Brim Headband Foldable Cap Lavinia is available in different vibrant and basic colors on UGG Express. You can buy it for $45.00 or at a discounted rate at the store.

Hand Carry Leisure Bag

Another item on this list that will give your look a bohemian touch is this Hand Carry Leisure Bag. Its khaki beige color and soft, supple material give it a laid-back, effortless feel. The bag`s design is simple with a classic shape and minimalistic aesthetics, which adds to its easygoing, low-key vibe. One benefit of carrying this as an accessory is that it would not only accentuate your look but also allow you to carry small essentials like your phone or makeup with you very elegantly.

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TARRAMARRA® Women Hand Carry Leisure Bag comes in two colors, beige and khaki. It is available for $80.00 on UGG Express.


These accessories from UGG Express will not add any more layers to your fit, they are easy to carry and help in dealing with sunlight and dust while adding charm to your dress. This summer don`t go out of style and slay on your Gram feed with these minimalist accessories

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