Call of Duty Collection by SteelSeries

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SteelSeries is one of the leading brands in gaming peripherals, offering a wide range of gaming gear. These gears are durable, efficient, and responsive, increasing gaming experience. Aside from regular gear, SteelSeries also offers game-themed accessories like the iconic Call of Duty series. The Call of Duty gaming accessories include a wide range of products inspired by the game. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Call of Duty collection by SteelSeries in detail. 

What Call of Duty Collection Offers 

SteelSeries offers an exclusive Call of Duty line of accessories, following are the details regarding these accessories. 

Arctis Nova Booster Pack 

Opt for a new look with the Nova Booster Pack from the collection of Call of Duty. You can now personalize your Arctis Nova 7 Wireless or Pro with speaker plates to get a customized experience. This pack is inspired by key art from Call of Duty Modern Warfare III.


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Arctis Nova Booster Pack includes the following gears.

  • 1 Arctis Nova nylon headband 

  • 1 set of Arctis Nova speaker plates 

  • In-game item, a Konni Weapon Charm

To avail of these items buy Arctis Nova Booster Pack just for USD 39.99.

QCK Large 

The QCK Large is a gaming mousepad with exclusive Call of Duty Modern Warfare III art. Alongside art, the QCK comes with micro-woven cloth, providing maximum control while gaming. 


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Following are some more features of QCK Large.

  • Comes optimized for low and high CPI tracking movements.

  • Easily washable. 

  • Made from high-quality and durable material.

  • Available in 450 mm x 400 mm x 2mm size.

To add something amazing to your gaming collection buy QCK Large just for USD 24.99.

Artisan Keycap

Change your gaming setup for a good with the Limited Edition Call of Duty Modern Warfare III keycap. One of a kind and remarkable comes to add a unique touch to your keyboard. The isolated view showcases the intricate design, while the side view highlights SteelSeries’ craftsmanship. 


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Mentioned below are some more features of Artisan Keycap Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Iii Edition.

  • Featuring a 3D skull and a red snake motif.

  • Offers one of 3,500 units. 

  • Comes with a Konni Weapon Charm

Buy Artisan Keycap from SteelSeries price just for USD 89.99.

Modern Warfare Ii Qck L Task Force Edition

The Modern Warfare II Task Force 141 Limited Edition is another mousepad on the list. The mousepad is manufactured from micro-woven cloth, making it a must-have for gaming enthusiasts. 


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Listed below are the features of the Modern Warfare II Task Force 141 Limited Edition mousepad. 

  • Durable and washable. 

  • Comes optimized for both low and high CPI tracking movements.

  • Size availability 450 mm x 400 mm x 2mm.

Buy Modern Warfare Ii Qck L Task Force Edition, a delight for true gamers for just USD 19.99.

This was the Call of Duty collection by SteelSeries, a must-have collection for gamers who are looking to elevate their gaming experience to new heights. These gear are designed to offer a more customized experience. From this collection, every product is tailored to meet the unique needs of players and is a game-changer for true gamers.

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