Top 4 Wood Chippers by WoodMaxx

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WoodMaxx has built a solid reputation for providing strong, reliable equipment that can handle heavy-duty tasks with ease. One of the key features of WoodMaxx products is their attention to detail in design and construction, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. The brand`s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its responsive customer support and dedication to continuous improvement. Whether you`re a homeowner looking to maintain your property or a professional needing reliable equipment for your business. WoodMaxx offers products that aim for solutions to deliver the best performance and durability.


Following are the Top 4 Wood Chippers by WoodMaxx.

WoodMaxx Top 4 Wood Chippers 

WoodMaxx wood chippers are among the best in the market for several reasons. One key benefit of WoodMaxx wood chippers is their exceptional efficiency. These chippers are designed to quickly and effectively turn branches, brush, and other wood debris into small, uniform wood chips. This efficiency saves users valuable time and effort, making yard cleanup and landscaping projects much easier and faster.


Here are WoodMaxx`s Top 4 Wood Chippers: 


WoodMaxx MX-8500G+


The WoodMaxx MX-8500G+ wood chipper is proudly made in the USA. Perfect for cleaning up branches up to 5 inches thick, it`s designed for compact tractors but fits any Cat-1 tractor. It weighs under 425 lbs and is sturdy with a 3/4” thick steel flywheel. Unlike others, it doesn`t need belts or hydraulics, yet delivers top-notch performance. Its patented Rotary Anvil design boosts material feeding efficiency. Instead of shearing wood like scissors, it pulls it downward, chipping more efficiently. 


Below are the attributes of WoodMaxx MX-8500G+:


  • The WoodMaxx MX-8500G+ requires a tractor with 15+ HP to chip 3" hardwood, up to 5" with 50+ HP.

  • The WoodMaxx MX-8500G+ wood chipper has a big 24” x 24” entry, narrowing to an 8” x 8” opening for the flywheel. But it only takes in 5” material due to the angled entry.

  • WoodMaxx MX-series wood chipper knives can be easily changed by one person in just 10 minutes thanks to the clamshell opening of the blower housing, providing convenient access to the flywheel and knives.



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To avail of these attributes purchase this WoodMaxx MX-8500G+ priced at $2,805.


WoodMaxx MX-8600


The WoodMaxx MX-8600 is a strong wood chipper powered by a PTO, with a self-contained hydrostatic auto-feed system and a big 8" x 6" entry. It`s sturdy at 550 lbs. with a steel flywheel, perfect for smaller tractors like Kubota`s BX series or John Deere`s 1000 series, though it can handle bigger ones too. Made in the USA, it comes with four high-quality knives, and its unique design is patented for its innovation.


Other attributes of WoodMaxx MX-8600:


  • The WoodMaxx MX-8600 requires a tractor with 15+ HP to chip 4" hardwood and 6" softwood, or 50+ HP for up to 6" diameter material.

  • The WoodMaxx MX-series wood chipper features gas springs that maintain consistent tension, prolonging component lifespan and ensuring smooth branch entry with 175 lbs. of downward pressure.

  • WoodMaxx MX-series wood chipper uses gas springs for consistent tension, extending component life and ensuring smooth branch entry with 175 lbs.


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To have the facility of auto-feed system purchase this WoodMaxx MX-8600 priced at $4,110.


WoodMaxx MX-8600SS


The WoodMaxx MX-8600SS is a small skid steer wood chipper with a built-in auto-feed system, boasting an 8" x 6" entry, and weighing 800 lbs. It`s made for skid steers with 16-30 GPM. Its hydraulic motor is powered by a patented pump and reservoir. It comes with four high-quality knives made in the USA.


These are the attributes of WoodMaxx MX-8600SS:


  • WoodMaxx MX-8600SS wood chippers have a 24" balanced flywheel for fast chipping and easy knife changes in 10 minutes with its clamshell design.

  • The MX-8600SS uses a hydraulic direct-drive system, connecting the motor directly to the chipper flywheel, for greater torque and efficient handling of large branches.

  • The patented octagonal infeed roller with chisel-shaped teeth swiftly pulls material into the flywheel at 75 ft./min, aided by high-tension gas springs, effectively processing material up to 6".


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To avail of these attributes purchase this WoodMaxx MX-8600SS priced at $6,095.


WoodMaxx MX-8800


The WoodMaxx MX-8800 hydrostatic auto-feed chipper is a durable PTO wood chipper with self-feeding capability, designed for commercial use. It has a compact build and uses a high-quality USA-made hydraulic motor to pull material into the chipper head, powered by its hydrostatic pump and reservoir. Standard with two high-quality knives made in the USA, its innovative design is now patented.


Listed are the attributes of WoodMaxx MX-8800:


  • The WoodMaxx MX-8800 wood chipper features a wide 24" x 20" infeed opening that narrows down to 8" x 8" to effortlessly accommodate irregularly shaped branches.

  • The MX-8800 wood chipper`s automatic belt tensioner ensures proper pressure on the drive belt, preventing slipping or excessive tightness, saving time on adjustments, and prolonging pump and bearing lifespan.

  • The WoodMaxx MX-8800 wood chipper features a spacious 24" wide by 20" tall infeed opening that tapers down to 8" x 8", effortlessly accommodating irregularly shaped branches.


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To have all of these attributes in one chipper buy this WoodMaxx MX-8800 priced at $5,225.


WoodMaxx leads the industry with its range of innovative wood processing equipment, including compact PTO-driven chippers and well-made skid steer models. Crafted with USA-made components like high-tension gas springs and A8 tool steel knives, WoodMaxx machines are built to handle diverse tasks, from homeowner cleanups to commercial projects. With patented designs and a focus on customer satisfaction, WoodMaxx continues to set the standard for quality and reliability in the wood processing industry.


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