Climate Control Tools By Fixami

admin  |  May 24 11

Fixami`s Climate Control tools empower users to effectively manage their indoor surroundings. These tools maintain things like temperature, humidity, and air quality. They come in handy for homes, offices, and other spaces where people spend time. With these tools, you can keep track of your surroundings and make adjustments if needed. For example, if it`s too humid, you might use a humidifier to make the air more refreshing. 

Fixami`s climate control accessories make it easier to create a healthier and more pleasant indoor environment. With a commitment to quality, Fixami ensures that customers have the right tools to control the temperature of their surroundings more efficiently.


Here are Fixami`s top 4 climate control tools:


Cooler bag

Introducing the ultimate cooler bag, it keeps your drinks icy cold for a whole day with its double insulation and leak-proof lining. Crafted from tough 1680D ballistic material and featuring strong metal zippers, it`s built to take on any challenge. Plus, enjoy a refreshing break anytime with its convenient bottle opener.


Mentioned are the features of Cooler Bags:


  • Comfortable and durable padded shoulder strap.

  • Tech pocket and dry storage for electronics.

  • Protects belongings from damage and moisture.

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To store your desserts and drinks for traveling, buy this Cooler bag priced at €62.


Ceramic heaters

Enjoy winter with the Eurom Wall Designheat 2000 Wifi Ceramic heater - 2000W. This cool, space-saving heater mounts on your wall, blending effortlessly with your decor. Its potent 2000-watt power ensures rapid, efficient heating for your room. Modern convenience is at your fingertips with the free Eurom Heating App, allowing remote control of temperature, timers, and fan functions.


Below are the features of Ceramic heaters: 


  • Stay worry-free with overheating protection.

  • Customize comfort with three settings.

  • Save energy with a thermostat and timer.

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To have a warm room in winter buy this Ceramic heater priced at €99.



Introducing the Eurom Oasis 303 WiFi Humidifier, your ultimate ally for a healthier indoor space. This smart device connects to your phone via the Eurom Smart App for easy control, ensuring hygiene with no limescale deposits. With its built-in hygrostat, adjust humidity levels from 40-75%. Enjoy quiet operation, efficient moisture distribution, and hassle-free refills.


Listed are the features of the Humidifier:


  • Ensures healthy and safe air.

  • Automatic drying and anti-bacterial settings.

  • Humidifies large rooms, and provides easy maintenance.

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To breathe in fresh air in your comfort zone buy this Humidifier priced at €124.

Air Conditioner 

The Eurom Polar 140 Wifi Air Conditioner is your cooling solution, designed for efficient heat management. With 1538 Watts of power consumption and 380 cubic meters per hour of air displacement, it ensures comfort day and night. Control temperature effortlessly via the app or remote control. 


These are the features of an Air Conditioner:


  • A+ energy class for conscious consumption.

  • Uses R290 refrigerant for sustainability.

  • Dehumidifies 1 liter/hr for enhanced comfort.

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To have a cool, chilled room on hot days buy this Air Conditioner priced at €491.


Fixami`s climate control tools are essential for managing indoor environments easily. With features like temperature control and air quality monitoring, they ensure comfort and health. Whether at home or work, Fixami`s tools provide convenience and peace of mind, making them a valuable addition to any space.


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